Bonnie Blackmore

Healer & CocoNoni Creator

Bonnie has lived on Maui for over 30 years. In 2013, Bonnie moved to the North Shore of Maui. A year later in 2013, she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Her healing meant a complete lifestyle change that needed to be absolutely free of pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals of any kind. She couldn’t find any products that were pure enough so she turned to the sacred Hawaiian Noni for healing.

Although she had known of the fabulous health benefits of the fruit, Bonnie’s attention turned toward the Hawaiian Noni leaf that carries many of the same properties of the fruit, and also a pain killer that’s 80% as effective as morphine. She always had leaves on hand whenever she had a cut or pulled muscle or sprain or bug bites. This is when the idea for CocoNoni was born. Bonnie Blackmore leads Indigenous Plant Medicine classes at I AM, Maui.

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The Creation of CocoNoni

In early 2015, a friend of Bonnie's was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. It was in his lung, his kidneys, and as a result of ‘Agent Orange’ when he was in the air force, he had melanoma all over his body. It was inoperable, and he was given nine months to live. They started working with Hawaiian Noni leaves, wrapping them over his lung and kidney areas. Each morning, the leaves were black from drawing out poison. Bonnie needed a way to get the medicine to him so she gathered leaves, cut them up, added coconut oil in her Vitamix, and CocoNoni was born on May 15, 2015.

Bonnie’s friend used the CocoNoni butter all over his body and his lesions began to disappear. His first checkup showed significant improvement in shrinking the tumor in his lung, and his kidney was actually beginning to regenerate. His arms and torso were clearing up from the butter, but she needed a way to make it stable. She added beeswax to the mix, and began experimenting with infusing oil with the Hawaiian Noni leaf as a massage oil. The Hawaiian Noni was not the only part in his healing; however it was a significant one.

Since that time, Bonnie Blackmore has been handing out the CocoNoni Sacred Salve and CocoNoni Anointing Oil to anyone with topical ailments from acne to shingles. The CocoNoni salve and oil assists her community in a ton of ways on a daily basis. They provide relief from itchy skin, abrasions, lesions, herpes outbreaks, sore muscles; it even helps topical pet issues.

Bonnie's Blackmore's Mission

Bonnie's Mission is “to help reduce suffering for humans and pets.” Bonnie's CocoNoni products are so amazing, they are actually enriching the quality of life for her various clientele. In fact, when asked the common question about what CocoNoni is capable of helping, she says, “It would be easier to list the things CocoNoni doesn’t help with than all the things its does. When we find one, we’ll let you know.”

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