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Indoor Swimming & Underwater Treadmill

Total-Body Aquatic Training

Our state of the art solar heated, ozonated Endless Pool has 2 individually controlled currents to suit any swimmer’s needs. Adjust the current to your speed and ability for swimming or work your legs on an underwater platform or underwater treadmill.

The pool is great for cardiovascular improvement with no impact on the joints; underwater rehabilitation from injuries; cross training for water sports (bring your surfboard and paddle against the current for training); and working on long distance swimming endurance.

Our Endless Pool can be booked by the half hour or the hour for 1 or 2 people. Shower is required before pool entry for sanitation purposes.

Aquatic Training Sessions will be available in 2020.

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Dual Propulsion Features

Our Dual Propulsion Endless Pool features side by side swim currents with independent flow controls allowing two people to swim at their own pace at the same time. This Dual Swim Current allows swimmers to utilize two independetly controlled variable speed swim currents that can be adjusted to each swimmers needs.

Underwater Treadmill Features

Our Endless Pool is equipped with one underwater treadmill and one underwater platform for lunges and leg work. Each with their own separate current. The treadmill simulates land-based walking or running without the stress o muscles or joints. Use the treadmill in conjunction with a resistance current to vary intensity and work on core conditioning. 

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