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Adapting Yoga to the Individual


Viniyoga takes a holistic and therapeutic approach to improve your authentic health and well-being. This yoga practice is tailored specifically for YOU through personalized instruction. Viniyoga is perfect for those looking for specialized attention due to a physical condition, an injury or illness, or for those interested in changing dysfunctional movement patterns and forming new structural and functional movements for their unique body.

“Vini” in translated Sanskrit means “the adaption and variation done to the individual in need to the task at hand” and that’s just what this practice is, adapting yoga to the individual. Viniyoga, a methodology, was created by Krishnamacharya (like all yoga) and developed by Gary and Mirka Kraftsow. Viniyoga adapts traditional yoga practices to fit an individual's needs, limits, and goals.

Please see our Class Schedule for our Viniyoga offerings.

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