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We are happy to announce that we have classes on Zoom!

Browse our Class Schedule and you can book directly online! Please email us directly if you are in a financial situation due to COVID19. We will work with your situation and come together as a community to support each other.

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Center yourself & find the beauty of breath & movement in the dance of life

I AM, Maui logo has a transparent background with golden feather icon that floats between I and AM with an infinity sign swirl below.
I AM, Maui logo has a transparent background with golden feather icon that floats between I and AM with an infinity sign swirl below.

Teacher Trainings

Instructor Trainings & Workshops

I AM, Maui offers WORKSHOPS, EVENTS, CERTIFICATIONS & SEMINARS for people interested in becoming Certified Movement Instructors or for people who simply would like to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the human body and movement forms. For those who are already Certified Instructors and Body Workers - I AM, Maui sources cutting-edge and visionary body movement and awareness studies that offer updates and continuing education training.

We offer Teacher Trainings in the following areas:

  • GYROTONIC® Pre-Training (for students completing the 1st level of GYROTONIC® Teacher Training, or for those who want to simply expand their understanding of some of the GYROTONIC® Level 1 material)
  • GYROTONIC® Specialized Equipment (for licensed teachers only)
  • Shiatsu Training (for licensed massage therapists)

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Upcoming Teacher Trainings

Stay tuned for upcoming Teacher Trainings!

Teacher Trainings & Workshops in Maui!

Maui is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in the entire world! It is certainly worth a visit, especially when you have the opportunity to combine business with pleasure. Making time to book a destination training at I AM, Maui will be a rewarding experience for your body, mind and spirit... and it's a business tax write off!

We'd Love to Hear from You!

Teach Courses at I AM, Maui

If you are a certified instructor of movement, a conductor of teacher training certification courses in movement, or a seminar conductor in health related fields, we’d love to hear from you!

If you’d like to teach courses at I AM, Maui - please contact us for information on studio rental rates and how to schedule events.

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Upcoming Workshops & Events

Stay tuned for upcoming Workshops & Events!

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