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Death is an Integral Part of Life & Nature

End of Life Guidance & Support Groups

Working in conjunction with Bodhi Be at The Death Store in Ha’iku, we offer group talks to gather and discuss the often feared topic of death. We approach death as an integral part of life and nature. Through this approach, we gather as community in circle as a support for each other in the process of life, death, grief, for any types of death in our lives, including our very own.

We can also help you set up medical directives, legal binding documents of The Five Wishes, funeral arrangements, celebration of life services, and a great community of resources. We also offer private sound healing brought to your location for those who are in hospice or are nearing the end of life.

Group gatherings are done by donation only; all donations received go to The Death Store, our local non profit organization assisting people with End of Life services.

Please see our Schedule for our End of Life Guidance & Support Group offerings.

"If I'm going to die, the best way to prepare is to quiet the mind & open my heart. If I'm going to live, the best way to prepare for it is to quiet my mind & open my heart."

Ram Dass

Ram Dass - "Be Here Now"

Wisdom Film

Doorway Into Light's

2020 International Death Doula Training

April 23 - 27, 2020

Maui, Hawaii

The Doorway Into Light 2019 International Death Doula Training.
Photo by Matthew Nall.

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