The Story of “I AM, Maui"

The Institute of Awareness & Movement, Maui & the Golden Feather/Infinity Logo

What came to be from years of doodling and drawing on paper, and collaborating with an old childhood friend in Florida (Chrissy Stalions who is a graphic designer and owner of Stalions Designs) to make my concept a reality has been a process of pure magic.

One of the inspirations for rebranding my current business of 10+ years (The Mindful Movement Center of Maui & GYROTONIC® 808) was simply life itself. Of course in that statement, life itself isn’t always that simple! Being gifted this human body and experience also gives me the power and ability to create, deconstruct, recreate, and give meaning to my life through the beautiful world of story. Through the recent years of loss, death, grief, joy, love, expansion, growth, deconstruction, reconstruction, (and how about actual construction of the new place!), connection, healing, gratitude, meditation, a plethora of prayer and powerful transformation, I AM was born. In fact, I AM has always existed. To me, I AM represents our infinite selves in this multiverse of miracles, a journey through time and space embracing a concept and belief of infinite possibilities, while simultaneously connecting to our higher selves and the ancient wisdom that we all possess in our cells, bones, blood, and DNA.

I AM, Maui Logo Symbolism

The golden feather in the logo represents our freedom, as well as the connection of Earth to the spirit realms. The golden feather is also a sacred representation of the feathers of the mythical and symbolic Phoenix rising from the ashes from the fires of purification. With it’s rare golden feathers of transformation and transmutation, the Phoenix embodies a metamorphosis into divine light and power, leaving behind that which does not serve anymore. The sacred golden feather connects to the infinity sign, symbolizing the connection and alignment to our higher selves, and accessing the infinite wisdom which exists within all of us. I AM represents the infinite possibilities of our journeys, while we embrace life with grace and dive into the power of metamorphosis through a multitude of ways.


Soul Journey

Through my journey of life thus far, as my spirit navigates the processes of grief and joy alongside gratitude, my heart told me that the current paradigm was in need for something completely different; death of the old, and birth of the new. None of us are the same person we were yesterday, and the power and magic of being able to embrace change is one of the biggest gifts and challenges of being human. I AM is meant to inspire you; not me inspiring you, but YOU inspiring your own self in whatever way that may look like for your soul’s journey.

On my journey of breath, movement education & practice, sound healing, Reiki, death on many levels, parenthood, prayer, meditation, and deep profound life changing experiences, my vision is to recreate my life and business to reflect my current situation, instilling a deeper sense of community and connection with each other and with our own selves. I have no idea what lies ahead, and with that I relish in deep reverence and gratitude in the mystery of life itself as the miracle that it truly is. As I have learned from a dear friend in the world of martial arts, the way of the samurai is to retreat, regroup, and re-enter. The time has come for something amazing to arise from these years of a soul journey that has shaken me to the depths of my core.

An Invitation

I invite and welcome you to embrace and embody the concept of I AM and how that can begin to unify, connect, and align us all with something far beyond what we could ever perceive on our own. May each of your journeys continue to be blessed by the strength of 100,000 angels.

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